19-022 City Walk: 

     19-022 City Walk.pdf

     19-022 City Walk Addendum #1.pdf 

     19-022 City Walk Addendum #2.pdf   

     19-022 City Walk Addendum #3.pdf

 19-023 North Ramp Hangar IFB:

     19-023 North Ramp Hangar IFB.pdf

     Sales Tax Certification.pdf

19-024 Trivium Corporate Center Startown Road Widening:

     19-024 Trivium Corporate Center Startown Road Widening.pdf

     Sales Tax Certification.pdf

     HUD 4010 Labor Standards Provisions.pdf

     Davis Bacon Wage Decision - Building.txt

     Uniform Guidance Contract Provisions under Federal Award..pdf

19-025 Water System Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan:

    19-025 Water System Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan.pdf

     Sales Tax Certification.pdf             

The City uses an online bid management system called Public Purchase. Register for FREE with Public Purchase if you would like to do business with the City. Public Purchase provides automatic notification and transmittal of bid solicitations and addendums.

To view, download, and respond to open projects in the City, follow this two step process:

Step 1) You must first be registered with Public Purchase. To register CLICK HERE

Step 2) After registration with Public Purchase, to download bid documents and receive notification of future opportunities with the City of Hickory you must sign up with the City as an "agency" within Public Purchase. To do so CLICK HERE

If you have questions, contact the Finance Department.



Vendor Application
E-Verify Compliance Statement
Sales Tax Certification

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Bid Number Request - Construction and Repairs

Asset Deletion Form
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