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In early 2012, the City of Hickory recognized that a plan was necessary to economically revitalize the City. The strategy led to the creation of four major projects: Riverwalk, Class A advanced manufacturing park called Trivium Corporate Center, City Walk, and Streetscapes and Gateways. It was apparent that a substantial amount of money would be necessary to fund such an undertaking, which resulted in a $40 million bond referendum that allowed Hickory voters to choose how to move forward. One bond order was for $25 million to cover the costs associated with street and sidewalk improvements, including enhanced streetscapes and pedestrian access. A second bond order was for $15 million and was designated for economic development related costs, which encompasses a broad range of public infrastructure intended to enrich the local economy. In November 2014, the citizens voted in support of both. Since then, the City has leveraged the $40 million bond referendum to secure an additional $50 million in grant funding for complementary projects that will expand and enhance the urban trail system known as the Hickory Trail.  All bond and bond-related projects are either under design or under construction.




Trivium Corporate Center

Hickory Trail



Trivium Corporate Center Hickory Trail Gateways Downtown

A 270-acre Class A business park. 
Current tenants include:

  • Corning
  • Cataler North America
  • ITM
  • Stonemont Spec Building

​Additional space is available.

A 10-mile multiuse path. 
Made up of the following walks:

  • City Walk
  • Book Walk
  • Old Lenoir Walk
  • Riverwalk
  • Aviation Walk

Gateways mark major entrances to the city and encourage visitors to stop and explore the community.

Downtown Hickory received a makeover in 2019. Modern aesthetics include:

  • A distinguished promenade along Union Square storefronts
  • Additional seating areas called garden rooms or parklets
  • New public restrooms
  • Cannon Hill
  • A multi-purpose shade structure
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