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In early 2012, the City of Hickory recognized that a plan was necessary to economically revitalize the City. The strategy led to the creation of four major projects: Riverwalk, Class A advanced manufacturing park called Trivium Corporate Center, City Walk, and Streetscapes and Gateways. It was apparent that a substantial amount of money would be necessary to fund such an undertaking, which resulted in a $40 million bond referendum that allowed Hickory voters to choose how to move forward. One bond order was for $25 million to cover the costs associated with street and sidewalk improvements, including enhanced streetscapes and pedestrian access. A second bond order was for $15 million and was designated for economic development related costs, which encompasses a broad range of public infrastructure intended to enrich the local economy. In November 2014, the citizens voted in support of both. Since then, the City has leveraged the $40 million bond referendum to secure an additional $50 million in grant funding for complementary projects that will expand and enhance the urban trail system known as the Hickory Trail.




Trivium Corporate Center

Hickory Trail



Trivium Corporate Center Hickory Trail Gateways Downtown

A 270-acre Class A business park. 
Current tenants include:

  • Corning
  • Cataler North America
  • ITM

​Additional space is available.

A 10-mile multiuse path. 
Made up of the following walks:

  • City Walk
  • Book Walk
  • Old Lenoir Walk
  • Riverwalk
  • Aviation Walk

Gateways mark major entrances to the city and encourage visitors to stop and explore the community.

Downtown Hickory received a makeover in 2019. Modern aesthetics include:

  • A distinguished promenade along Union Square storefronts
  • Additional seating areas called garden rooms or parklets
  • New public restrooms
  • Cannon Hill
  • A multi-purpose shade structure
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