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Deidra Lackey Memorial Park Fly-Through | TSW from TSW-design on Vimeo.

Thanks to a partnership between the City of Hickory and the Lackey Family of Hickory, the current Geitner-Rotary Park is planned to be renovated in memory of the late Deidra Lackey.  This video is an initial conceptual design from architecture and landscape firm, TSW.  While it is not an exact model of the new construction, it helps to show what some of the future amenities may be at the new park, as well as connecting to the future Riverwalk project that will run through the park.



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Lackey Park Presentation

Geitner-Rotary Park Improvements
Future Deidra Lackey Memorial Park

The Robert Lackey family of Hickory and the City of Hickory private/public partnership to improve approximately 20 to 30 acres of the waterfront at the City-owned Geitner-Rotary Park and the parks that link to it, through a multi-million dollar monetary contribution from the Lackey family.  Mr. Lackey wanted to establish a memorial for Deidra Lackey, his late wife.  This memorial gift to the City of Hickory and the community is the single largest donation in the City's history.  The renovated park will be at one end of the City’s future Riverwalk.

 “Mrs. Lackey loved kids and ministering to kids. She loved gardening and flowers. She loved the conservatory at the Biltmore,” said Mr. Lackey. In thinking of a way to capture Mrs. Lackey’s memory, Mr. Lackey and his family thought, “Maybe what we need to do is build a park in her memory.” From there Mr. Lackey looked all over the City for land and found what he said was a “perfect piece of land” to create a memorial to his wife, but also to create an Inspiring Place for the entire City to enjoy. “We look forward to partnering with the City and making it a beautiful place for Hickory,” said Mr. Lackey.

In 2015, in a joint meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Hickory City Council, they both voted, unanimously, to approve the conceptual plans that were presented and move forward.  Because of the size of the project and the private/public partnership, there are many details and legal documentation to establish before the construction can begin.  Part of the process was to establish a Conservancy Board, which will manage and operate the Deidra Lackey Memorial Park, as well as fundraise for park related projects.  This Board was established in 2016.

The Lackey family hired TSW Architecture out of Atlanta to design the park.  The project encompasses 18.9 acres of Rotary-Geitner Park for the new Deidra Lackey Memorial Park.  The idea is to create a public event space, conservatory, related gardens, and trails, while maintaining or replicating current items into the new design.  In the Master Plan, TSW has designed some excellent amenities for this park.  They have designed with the attitude to be “green” wherever possible.  They are interested in allowing the property to be a teaching ground on how ecology works from the green perspective.

A formal processional leads to the entry of a Lake House that is designed to be functional day or night with meeting rooms, office space, a back patio area, and an amphitheater leading to an event dock.  The Lake House is planned to be where the current building is located at the Rotary-Geitner Park.

A possible canopy bridge that is a walking bridge, encompassed in the trees above the park, leads to a Conservatory.  An elevator would be located outside the Lake House provides access to the bridge.  The Conservatory is slated to have two outdoor spaces, which would include an observational deck and patio.


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