Hickory’s Focus on the Future

Crafting the Future

Crafting the Future

Enhancing the City of Hickory with four major projects: City Walk, Riverwalk, Class A advanced manufacturing park called Trivium Corporate Center (formerly Park 1764), and Streetscapes/Gateways.

Public/Private Partnerships

Public/Private Partnerships

Because of private partnerships, additional projects can be created, as well as enhancements to current projects can be made that tax dollars alone are not able to do.

City Wide Improvements

City-Wide Improvements

Crafting Hickory not only includes the four bond projects, but also encompasses multiple, city-wide improvements.

Get to Know Hickory

Get to Know Hickory

Spend a day and see, or find your home in Hickory! You’ll find a history of craftsmanship with an eye for detail, a hand for hard work, and a passion for creating something new.

Business Development

Business Development

Offering the lowest business costs in the nation and a metropolitan hub of 365,497 people, Hickory is a prime location to build a successful business.

Bond Projects

Hickory's Trending

Hickory continues to evolve and reinvent itself, capturing the attention and affection of people and publications far beyond its borders.

Hickory is a city with a focus on the future. the work that the city is engaged in today is done with forethought and the desire to build a stronger Hickory for tomorrow. City Council, city staff, and city residents share a joint vision that highlights Hickory’s potential for a robust economy, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a diverse population.


With a spirit of collaboration and a collective vision to drive Hickory to new heights, the City of Hickory partners with the local business community to support and encourage economic development.

““People want cool places to hang-out with things to do like Arts in the Park, the Symphony, the Hickory Community Theatre, and clothing and antique stores to shop.  Our downtown area is more vibrant than it has been in my years here, but it can explode with the creation of these new amenities.  We partnered with the City to co-develop our parking lot for night and weekend parking for the City Walk.  It is a central location for access to the green space.  It is a great place to get on the City Walk.”

- Paul Thompson Founder and Chairman of Transportation Insight

“City Walk was coming right by here. We knew that we could possibly rent bikes when it opens and have easy access to the greenway.  I think it will get more people on bicycles in general, and maybe even more people commuting to work.  I think it will bring people in town and will open up the opportunity for us to make bike repairs, since we are right here off the greenway.”

- Brad Stevens Co-Owner of Carolina Pedal Works

“I am tickled to death that the City Walk is extending to 9th Street. This brings a lot of potential for the West Hickory area. Our employees like to walk to lunch. We moved from Tate Boulevard to our current building to have more access to retail, banks, and the Downtown Farmer’s Market for our employees. There are huge benefits to having a business downtown; it’s central to everything.”

- Richard Swartzel President and CEO of CornerStone United

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