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Get to Know Hickory News

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Hickory, NC Named Top Tinsel Town in America

In a recent article, Realtor.com named Hickory, NC as the #1 Best City in America for Holiday Lovers. Hickory was selected as the Top Tinsel Town after considering a variety of holiday aspects, including: flights coming in to town for the holidays, Christmas parades, holiday events, and the number of Christmas trees cut down. The City of Hickory’s annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting in Downtown was listed as the holiday highlight for our city, as well as other local events that make Hickory, NC very special, especially during the holiday season.

Fall into Hickory

The summer season has come and gone.  At its end, the City of Hickory opens up to the warm and vivid colors of fall.  Check out the latest Hickory video...Fall into Hickory. Click here.

Why Hickory Is the NC Getaway Weekend You Didn’t Know You Need

For all the talk about new development and economic resurgence in Hickory, relatively little gets said about the city as an escape. But as it happens, Hickory has a whole lot to offer nearby non-residents who need a weekend change of pace.

Footcandle Film Festival is “putting Hickory on the international map”

Feeding film addictions across the City of Hickory for the last eight years is Footcandle Film Society. It is the brainchild of two self-proclaimed “movie nerds” who wanted to bring an additional art form to Hickory.

Things North Carolina is Famous For

North Carolinians are passionate about their “Tar Heel State”. A study by United Van lines says Americans are still moving to North Carolina at a higher rate than any other state in the country. Why? It could be the friendly nature of the citizens, or the beautiful temperate climate, or the rich history. It could be the beautiful rolling mountains, or the long, breezy coastline.

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Hickory, NC Has

“There’s something there that wasn’t there before.”  As Beauty and the Beast breaks box office records, those words are finding new life, and we think they work as a kind of motto for Hickory these days too.  The city has seen explosive growth in recent years — so much so that newcomers and longtime residents alike might not know about all that Hickory has to offer.

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