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Get to Know Hickory News

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Timmerman Manufacturing

Timmerman Manufacturing produces a large number of custom pieces for clients around the world. They are working now to produce very large iron screens that will hang in Bloomingdale’s new flagship store in New York City, for one of their customers. These are being produced to very specific dimensions, and they will compliment the store nicely.

Catawba Paper Box

Catawba Paper Box is one of Hickory, NC’s longest-lasting businesses. In its current location since 1939, Catawba Paper Box has supported the area’s hosiery and furniture industries for decades.  Started by AJ Preslar, the company has been owned and operated by Skipper Smith and his wife Fan for the last 21 years. Over the last two decades, the company has expanded its services, and added many national clients.  With sales increasing each year, and profitability on the rise, the company is greeting the future with arms open wide.

Johnson Piano Exchange

For nearly a century, Johnson Piano Exchange has served the Hickory area, striving to keep music playing in schools, churches and homes. The company is, and always has been, family run, and has contributed to the lives of families across the city.

Canipe & Lynn Electric Motor Repair

It's early morning, and Dock Lynn unlocks the door to the office. All is quiet as he starts a pot of coffee, just as he has every morning for 55 years. He's retired now, but old habits die hard, and he enjoys starting the day with the people at Canipe & Lynn Electric Motor Repair. The small, family-owned company is one of the oldest in Hickory. Going strong since 1918, they are unlikely to falter now. This is primarily because, as Dock's daughter and GM Sherry Mull tells us, motors run everything.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

In 1910, 34 years before Coca-Cola became a registered trademark, The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. laid down it’s roots in Hickory. In 1937, the company built at their current location, near Downtown Hickory. From the beginning the company has been a small family business with a firm dedication to community and God.

The Bisanar Company Jewelers

In 1896 the Bisanar family opened a jewelry store in the newly incorporated town of Hickory, North Carolina. In the 118 years since, that jewelry store has remained in its original location, on Union Square. The Bisanar Company Jewelers is now the oldest jewelry store in the state, a fact that the business is proud of. In the early 1900s, the Bisanars installed the clock that stands in front of the store. Since it sits on the City of Hickory's land, Mr.

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

Pepsi was invented in New Bern, North Carolina in 1893 by Caleb Bradham, who made it at his drug store where it was sold. It is now one of the world's most valuable brands. The drink was first bottled in Hickory in 1934, thanks to Lee Frans. If his name sounds familiar, it is because the L P Frans Stadium, directly adjacent to the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, is named after him.

Cox Furniture Manufacturing Company

In 1932, William Cox decided to open a furniture manufacturing business in Hickory, North Carolina. He was a pioneer in the industry and focused entirely on small-scale boudoir furniture. At this point in time, Hickory was already becoming a bustling furniture manufacturing town, and the business thrived.

Abee Architect, PA

Abee Architect, PA is a longstanding architecture firm based in Hickory, NC. The firm was founded in 1935 by Dallas Carroll Abee Sr., and has been integral to the design of much of Downtown Hickory. For almost 80 years, this family business has designed churches, hospitals, businesses and homes. In 1978, Dallas Abee Jr. became a full partner of the business, eventually leading the company after his father's retirement. The elder D.

Mr. Byron Logan, Recipient of the Legacy Award

In 1950, Hickory was a booming manufacturing town, and new businesses were beginning regularly. The post war years were good for the city, and a young navy veteran began his long lasting and lucrative sales career. Mr. Byron Logan never met a stranger, and was a natural fit for the sales world. He developed relationships with businesses throughout the community, and was known for his jovial nature.

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