City of Hickory Treasured Trees

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  Hickory's Ivey Arboretum in the Springtime
Hickory celebrates Arbor Day & Earth Day City of Hickory, NC - Tree City USA

Do you own or would you like to nominate a Treasured Tree?
If so, we'd like to hear from you!

Hickory's Treasured Trees Program identifies, registers and recognizes the largest, rarest, oldest and most historically significant trees of various species within the city of Hickory, North Carolina.

Our purpose is to:

  • Bring public awareness to valuable and irreplaceable trees
  • Increase tree owners' awareness of unique importance and encourage proper stewardship
  • Protect Hickory's Treasured Trees from indiscriminate removal or irreparable damage during development and urbanization
  • Stimulate public awareness of the diversity, sensitivity and importance of the city's tree canopy and associated root systems
  • Educate the public to Help Stop Tree Topping

Either individual Treasured Trees or Treasured Tree Preserves may be nominated. We encourage you to complete an online nomination form or contact the City of Hickory Landscape Services Department for more information.

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