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Engineering Faculty

The division employs qualified and competent customer service oriented professionals. The end result of all Engineering Division functions, whether directly or indirectly, is to provide quality and efficient service to the citizens of Hickory. Staff is composed of professional engineers, professional surveyors and crew, engineering technicians, and administrative support. For more information, call the Engineering Division at 828-323-7416.

The primary functions of the Engineering Division are:

1. Plan Review:

  • Works as part of the Permit Center to provide building and development site plan review and approval
  • Works as part of Planning Department to provide subdivision site plan review and approval
  • Reviews and issues driveway permits
  • Staff is responsible for updating the City's Manual of Practice (MOP), which provides city design standards

2. In-house Professional Design>

  • The division provides professional surveying and design and construction services for in-house construction of sidewalk, curb and gutter and drainage projects and roads for the Street Division of Public Services
  • The division provides in-house maps of water and waste water line projects for the Utilities Division of Public Services

3. Petition Programs:

  • The division manages the city's curb and gutter and sidewalk petition process where a citizen may petition these improvements and pay the associated cost

4. Project Management:

  • Engineering Division provides project management services for other city departments and divisions. Example: The division may serve as a liaison between a professional design firm and another city division or department

5. Mapping Services:

  • The division is responsible for maintaining city base maps such as city limits, ward maps, solid waste service areas and provides copies as needed. This same technical staff provides drafting services and other technical support to the surveyors and engineers

6. Stormwater:

  • The City of Hickory was issued a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Permit by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Quality on July 1, 2005. The Stormwater staff is responsible for the City's compliance with the Phase II Stormwater Permit.

City of Hickory

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