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22-009 - Hickory Optimist Pickleball Court Renovations:

    22-009 Hickory Optimist Pickle Ball Court Reno - Invitation to Bid and Contract - 220103

    22-009 HUD 4010 Labor Standards Provisions

    22-009 Certified Payroll Form 2020 

    22-009 Davis Bacon Poster

    22-009 Hickory Optimist Pickleball Court Reno - Project Special Provisions - 220103

    22-009 Highway Wage Determination dated 1-1-2021 

    22-009 Policies for Use of Federal Funds Under Uniform Guidance Standards (032720 updated) 

    22-009 COH contracts - Uniform Guidance Contract Provisions under Federal Award 1-7-2020

    22-009 Hickory Optimist Pickleball Court Renovation - Addendum 1

    22-009 Hickory Optimist Pickleball Court Renovation - Addendum 2 - 220126

    Sales Tax Certification

22-011 City of Hickory Burn Building

    22-011 CoH Burn Building - Invitation to Bid and Contract - 220203 

    22-011 CoH Burn Building - Foundation Plans - 220204

    22-011 Building sealed drawings

    22-011 Standard Details sealed drawings

    22-011 Hickory NC Stair and Rail Design Drawings_seal_x

    22-011 CoH Burn Building Foundation  - Addendum 1 - 220210

    Sales Tax Certification


22-017 Aviation Museum RFQ

    22-017 Aviation Museum RFQ

     Sales Tax Certification


22-018 Lyle Creek and Pump Station Project

     22-018 Lyle Creek and Pump Station Project - Div 1 - Adv for Bids

     22-018 Lyle Creek and Pump Station Project - Div 2 - Adv for Bids

Sales Tax Certification


22-019 RFLOI Historic Ridgeview Walk (Book Walk/Book Walk South/US 70-4th St Dr SW Intersection Improvements

   22-019 City of Hickory_RFLOI_BookWalk_CE&I

   22-019 Addendum No1_City of Hickory_RFLOI_BookWalk_CE&I

Sales Tax Certification


22-020 Trivium Corporate Center Natural Trail System

     22-020 Trivium Natural Trail Re-Bid Documents MSP_

          22-020 Trivium Corporate Center Trail Plan (002)

     Sales Tax Certification


22-021 Water and Sewer Extensions SW Hickory RFQ

     22-021 Water and Sewer Extension SW Hickory RFQ 22-

     Sales Tax Certification

The City uses an online bid management system called Public Purchase. Register for FREE with Public Purchase if you would like to do business with the City. Public Purchase provides automatic notification and transmittal of bid solicitations and addendums.

To view, download, and respond to open projects in the City, follow this two step process:

Step 1) You must first be registered with Public Purchase. To register: CLICK HERE

Step 2) After registration with Public Purchase, you must sign up with the City as an "agency" within Public Purchase to download bid documents and receive notifications of future opportunities with the City of Hickory. To do so: CLICK HERE

If you have questions, contact the City of Hickory Purchasing Division at (828) 323-7417.


Required Forms for Vendors

Vendor Application

E-Verify Compliance Statement

Sales Tax Certification

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Additional Purchase Order Terms & Conditions related to Federal/FEMA Funding

City of Hickory Internal Forms

Bid Number Request - Construction and Repairs

Asset Deletion Form

Asset Transfer Form