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Library Meeting Room Policy

Hickory Public Library offers meeting rooms for the use of the public on equal terms for the lawful activities of groups and individuals, regardless of their affiliation or beliefs.  These meeting rooms are available for groups or individuals to conduct organizational or program meetings, seminars, study groups, planning sessions, training programs, and related activities.  No commercial functions or private social functions are permitted. 


Because the Hickory Public Library is a department of the City of Hickory, certain exclusions apply regarding individuals, groups, and organizations that use public facilities.


  1. Library meeting rooms may be used during normal library operating hours, up to 30 minutes prior to closing.
  2. Meeting rooms may be booked no more than 60 days in advance by the public.  Library partners may book rooms 90 days in advance.
  3. Meeting room reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, based on date of submission of request.  Groups or individuals wishing to reserve the meeting room must submit the proper signed request form, either in person or via fax or e-mail.
  4. Except for affiliated organizations, such as the Friends of Hickory Public Library or the Library Advisory Board, groups or individuals may not reserve the meeting rooms on a recurring basis at one time. Organizations partnering with Hickory Public Library to offer a series of programs are exempt from this restriction.
  5. All meetings held in the meeting rooms must be open to the public but may require pre-registration.
  6. The library reserves the right to cancel any program, with 30 days notice, if the library has an unexpected programming opportunity.
  7. Persons attending activities in the meeting room are subject to all library rules and regulations.  Use of the meeting room must not disrupt other library patrons.
  8. No fees, dues, or donations may be charged or solicited from persons attending meetings in library meeting rooms.  Exceptions may be made for meetings sponsored by the library or library approved non-profit organizations for short-term classes, institutes, workshops, etc. to recover material costs.
  9. In addition to tables and chairs, other equipment is available for public use, depending on which room is used.  Requests for presentation equipment should be made when reservation forms are submitted.  The group or individuals using a room are responsible for bringing any supplies needed.
  10. Meeting rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition.  Groups or individuals holding meetings assume all responsibility for setting up and removing tables, chairs, and other furniture and equipment; for cleaning the room after use; and for any damage to library equipment and facilities during their meeting.  An adult representative (age 18 or over) from each organization using the meeting room must sign an agreement accepting personal responsibility for damages or cleaning fees resulting from the group's use of the room.
  11. Refreshments may be served with prior approval of library staff.
  12. Permission to use library meeting rooms is not an endorsement by the library staff, the Library Advisory Board, or the City of Hickory of the user or the user's beliefs, or any program that may be presented.
  13. No group or member of any group may attach signs, banners, or flyers to any library wall, ceiling or piece of property, without permission of the library staff.
  14. The Library Director is authorized to deny further use of the library meeting rooms to individuals or groups that violate the library's policies and procedures.  Individuals or groups whose activities would tend to incite or produce imminent lawless action, or are obscene, or are obviously promoting false and misleading information, or are defamatory, or are purely commercial in nature will not be allowed to use the meeting room.


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