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Fire Stations

Station 1 (Earl G. Moser Main Station)

Station 1 is located at 19 2nd Street Drive NE. The phone number is (828) 323-7420.

Station 1 was re-built from an old two story wooden building, which housed Hickory's firefighters in the horse-drawn days, into a two-story red brick and blue sided building on March 1, 1961. The building was renovated once more and was dedicated as the Earl G. Moser Fire Station on August 3, 2002. Station 1 houses one Engine Company (Engine 1), a Rescue Vehicle (Rescue 1), and one command vehicle. The Administration division is also located at this station.

The large brass bell outside Station 1 was placed there in 1962. This bell has a certain amount of history behind it. Purchased in 1912, this bell was originally located on top the old city hall. When brought to the fire department, the bell was used to alert volunteer firefighters of alarms.

Originally, the Hickory Fire Department was dispatched by a series of pull boxes located throughout the city. Today dispatch responsibilities are coordinated through the Catawba County Communications Center.

Station 2 (C. Fred Hollar Station)

Station 2 is located at 1305 9th Avenue NE . The phone number is (828) 323-7519.

Often referred to as the Highland Station, Station 2 was dedicated as the C. Fred Hollar Fire Station on November 8, 2019.

Station 2 was constructed on June 7, 1983. It houses one Engine Company (Engine 2) and one Ladder Company (Ladder 2).

Station 3 (West Hickory Station)

The West Hickory Station is located at 135 11th Street NW, Hickory NC 28601. The phone number is (828) 323-7523.

Station 3 was completed on June 26, 1984. One Engine Company (Engine 3) and one Ladder Company (Ladder 3) are located at this station.

Since firefighters have to train for possible incidents, a confined space simulator is also located at this station. Firefighters use the simulator as a maze to prepare for real-life situations that they may encounter.

Station 4 (Airport Station)

The Airport Station is located at 2992 9th Avenue Drive NW, Hickory NC 28601. The phone number is (828) 323-7525.

The new Station 4 was completed in December 1998. It replaced an old two-bay aluminum building.

Engine 4, a Crash/Fire/Rescue apparatus, is located at this station.

Station 5 (Fairbrook Station)

The Fairbrook Station is located at 1425 21st Street Drive SE, Hickory NC 28601. The phone number is (828) 323-7527.

Station 5 was constructed August 28, 1990. Station 5 is staffed by four firefighters and responds to calls both in and out of the city limits. Engine 5 and one command vehicle are housed at this station.

The Training Division is also located at Station 5.

Station 6 (Viewmont Station)

The Viewmont Station is located at 3036 North Center Street, Hickory NC 28601. The phone number is (828) 323-7528. Construction of Station 6 was finished May 31, 1989. 

One Engine Company (Engine 6) is located at this station.

Station 7 (Larson Moore Station)

The Larson H. Moore Fire Station is located at 465 Catawba Valley Blvd. SE, Hickory NC 28602. The phone number is (828) 327-6812.

The Station 7 project began in April 2002 and was completed on July 30, 2003. Station 7 is staffed by four firefighters whose service district includes Hwy 70 and 321/Catawba Valley Blvd/Interstate 40 corridors within the city limits and extended coverage within the Fairbrook Rural District of Robinson Road/Startown and Sandy Ford Road.

Station 7 houses a police substation office.