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Library Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role at Hickory Public Library, and the staff welcomes members of the public, ages 15 and up, to volunteer their skills and time. Volunteers may assist in shelving books, organizing library collections, tutoring library computer users, or helping patrons research their family histories.  Background checks will be completed for any volunteers age 18 and older.

The Library will begin accepting new volunteers in March 2023.

Volunteer Application Form - click here

Volunteer Opportunities at Hickory Public Library:

Carolina Room Volunteer (Patrick Beaver Memorial Library):Assist librarians in the operation and organization of the library’s local history collection.  Tasks include keeping books in correct order on shelves, organizing microfilm, vertical files, and other materials, and assisting with a variety of department projects. Interested candidates may also be asked to help with genealogical research.

Youth Services Volunteer (Patrick Beaver Memorial Library): Help library staff organize and maintain the Library’s collections for children, teens, and families. Duties will include shelving and cleaning library materials, preparing program materials, assisting library patrons, and assisting staff with general operations of the department.

Circulation & Shelving Volunteer (Both locations): Assist library staff in managing the library’s circulating collection and reading areas.  This volunteer assists library patrons by keeping library materials in good order. Tasks include shelving books across all departments, straightening and dusting shelves, shelf-reading, and data entry.

Program Volunteer (Both locations): Help library staff present informative, fun, and engaging programs for library patrons of all ages. Duties will include help with preparing program materials, set up and cleanup of chairs, tables and program supplies, and answering patron questions during program activities.

Reference Department Volunteer (Patrick Beaver Memorial Library): Assist librarians in the general operations of the library’s Reference Department.  Tasks include keeping books in correct order on shelves, organizing magazines, newspapers, and microfilm, and assisting with a variety of department projects.

Technology Volunteer (Both locations): Help novice computer users in the library’s public computer lab and/or provide one-on-one tutoring for adults, by appointment. The volunteer will answer questions about internet usage, Microsoft Office products, web-based email programs and general computer use. Students may also request assistance with mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. For individual appointments, tutoring needs will be determined by the student when the appointment is scheduled, and tutors will know in advance what to prepare for.

The Learning Lab Volunteer (Patrick Beaver Memorial Library): Help staff present informative, fun, and engaging technology programs for library patrons of all ages. Help patrons use equipment and software via one-on-one tutoring, by appointment. Knowledge areas may include graphic design software (Photoshop, InDesign, Inkscape, GIMP, etc.), 3D modeling software (TinkerCAD, Blender, etc.), Arduino, robotics, and/or coding, textiles (sewing, cross-stitch, loom weaving, etc.), the arts, and plant care.