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OLLE Art Walk Information

Old Lenoir Road is about to get a makeover, thanks to an $8.48 million grant from the Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  At its May 7, 2019 meeting, Hickory City Council unanimously approved an agreement with NCDOT to receive the federal funds to construct a multiuse trail and make streetscape improvements along Old Lenoir Road, which will be known as the OLLE Art Walk (formerly Old Lenoir Walk).


The OLLE Art Walk is part of a much larger multiuse path system being developed by the City of Hickory under the Crafting Hickory initiative and $40 million bond referendum passed by Hickory voters.  The OLLE Art Walk will create a connection between City Walk, via the 9th Street NW and 11th Street NW connectors, and Riverwalk. 


OLLE Art Walk is currently under design by Vaughn & Melton.


To learn more about the project, keep reading or select a link below to jump to that section:

Project Overview & Alignment  |  Design & Traffic Study Information



Project Overview & Alignment


OLLE Art Walk Alignment
OLLE Art Walk is a planned multiuse path that will connect multiple sections of the Hickory Trail network.  The location and alignment planned for OLLE Art Walk is shown on the Alignment Map.  The OLLE Art Walk is shown as the orange highlighted route on the map and is described below:

  • Southern Limit: Trail Connects to Future City Walk at 9th Street NW and Main Avenue NW
  • 9th Street NW - West Side of Road
  • 3rd Avenue Court NW - South Side of Road from 2nd Avenue NW to 3rd Avenue Drive NW
  • 3rd Avenue Drive NW - West Side of Road form 3rd Avenue Court NW to 9th Street NW
  • 3rd Avenue Drive NW – West Side of Road from 9th Street NW to 10th Street Boulevard NW
  • Trail connects to City Walk at 10th Street Boulevard and Realigned 11th Street NW Intersection
  • Old Lenoir Road – East Side of Road form 10th Street Blvd NW to Hickory Water Treatment Facility
  • Trail connects to Aviation Walk at Clement Boulevard NW
  • North Limit: Trail Connects to Future Riverwalk above 15th Avenue NW and Hickory Water Treatment


OLLE Art Walk Alignment Map


Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections
As shown on the project map, the OLLE Art Walk project is a critical pedestrian and bicycle connection for the City of Hickory and will tie together a number of ongoing trail projects and planned parks that the City has been working on. When complete, OLLE Art Walk will be part of the Hickory Trail, which will span over 10 miles across the City. The broader Hickory Trail will provide bicycle and pedestrian safety while connecting popular destinations and amenities. The Trail, along with the City’s culture of providing an atmosphere for dynamic growth and robust development, will be a major asset in the community’s effort to craft a strong economy, provide good jobs, and create a desirable quality of life for residents.

For more information on each connection, click one of the links below.

Project Funding*
The OLLE Art Walk project will be completed thanks to an $8.48 million grant from the Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Hickory City Council is moving this project forward by matching the federal funding, which covers 80 percent of the cost. The 20 percent local match will be met with local bond funds from the Crafting Hickory initiative.


The federal and state funding included two separate awards that together complete the OLLE Art Walk:

  • NCDOT # EB-5911 – Old Lenoir Road Section (from 9th Street NW to Riverwalk)
  • NCDOT # EB-5977 - 9th Street NW Section (Main Avenue NW to 3rd Avenue NW & 3rd Avenue Drive NW)


The funding amounts and sources are as follows for each project:

  • NCDOT # EB-5911 – Old Lenoir Road Section (from 9th Street NW to Riverwalk)
    • Federal Funding through the TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program)
    • Total Project Cost: $10,600,000
      • Right of Way: $1,205,000
      • Construction: $8,123,000
      • Prior Year Costs: $1,272,000
  • NCDOT # EB-5977 - 9th Street NW Section (Main Avenue NW to 3rd Avenue NW & 3rd Avenue Drive NW)
    • Federal Funding - BGDA (Surface Transportation Block Grant Program)
    • Total Project Cost: $1,916,000
      • Right of Way: $108,000
      • Construction: $1,460,000
      • Prior Year Costs: $348,000

* Project schedule and costs are preliminary and subject to change.

Project Schedule*
Right-of-way acquisition is currently underway for the OLLE Art Walk. 
* Project schedule and costs are preliminary and subject to change.

Project Purpose Statement
“To connect existing and proposed multiuse paths in the project area to complete missing links in the sidewalk system and provide safe passage for pedestrians and bicyclists in the project area."

NCDOT Project Summary



Design & Traffic Study Information


Let’s get familiar with the details:


Design Plans and Description of Proposed Work
The preliminary design plans and typical cross sections can be found here for review and comment:

Plan 1: 9th Street NW, 3rd Avenue Court NW and 3rd Avenue Drive NW (to 10th Street Boulevard NW and Old Lenoir Road)
Plan 2: Old Lenoir Road Southern Segment (7th Avenue NW through 12th Street Drive NW)
Plan 3: Old Lenoir Road Northern Segment (North of 12th Street Drive NW to future Riverwalk)

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

Future Modifications to Traffic
In order to fit the trail along the alignment that was chosen, a number of roadway and intersection modifications will be made. Generally, the trail will be accommodated in one of three ways:


  1. No changes to traffic flow or travel lanes: Trail will be constructed adjacent to existing road.
  2. Temporary lane closures to be made permanent: Trail will be constructed within currently closed lanes along 3rd Ave Ct NW and 3rd Ave Dr NW.
  3. Four (4) lane to three (3) lane road conversion: Trail constructed partially within current roadway to minimize impacts to homes and businesses. This configuration is often referred to as a Road Diet.


Road Diets & Project Traffic Study Future Traffic Simulation - A.M. Future Traffic Simulation - P.M.

Trail Crossings
The OLLE Art Walk Trail will cross roadways at several existing traffic signals. Signals and accessible ramps will be modified to accommodate trial crossings. In addition, a new crossing will be constructed where the City Walk and OLLE Art Walk will meet at 10th Street Boulevard NW and 3rd Avenue Drive NW (Old Lenoir Road). This is where OLLE Art Walk shifts from the west to east side of the roadway. Here is an example before and after rendering for this key crossing:


10th Street Crossing of Old Lenoir Road


Other Associated Project Work

  • Pocket Parks including Wayfinding Kiosks, Landscaping and Gateway Treatments
  • Parking Lot, Frontage and Driveway Modifications
  • Drainage and Retaining Wall Structures
  • Signal Upgrades
  • Roadways Resurfacing
  • Roadway Upgrades to Meet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards

Pocket Parks Concepts


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