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P.A.C.T. - Pay Attention in City Traffic - March 2023

The Hickory Police Department’s March traffic enforcement P.A.C.T. – Pay Attention in City Traffic – will be located on Hwy 127 from 1st Avenue SW to 29th Avenue Drive NE.

Enforcement will focus on following too closely, distracted driving, speeding, and other traffic violations.

Pedestrians are encouraged to cross safely; use crosswalks, cross at the corner or other designated crossing areas; obey pedestrian signal indicators; and wear reflective materials when walking at night. 

Motor vehicle operators are urged to look for and yield to pedestrians, particularly at crosswalks and other designated crossings, as well as at all intersections. Also, remember to look for pedestrians while turning.

All motorists need to be vigilant, aware, and respectful of cyclists utilizing roadways. Bicycles are considered vehicles and must abide by all traffic laws, especially traveling in the same direction as other vehicular traffic and observing traffic lights or stop signs.

All citizens utilizing City of Hickory roadways are asked to remain alert and obey all traffic laws to ensure the safety of all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Hickory Police Department thanks the citizens of Hickory for their effort to help keep our city safe.