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Patrol Division

The Patrol Services Division represents the largest component of the police department. The most important focus of the patrol division is to respond to calls for service. Officers work under decentralized supervision, which allows each officer to identify and solve problems effectively and efficiently. Our officers have evolved out of the traditional law enforcement role and are involved in all aspects of the community, often serving as a link between residents and other city, county, or public service providers.   

P.A.C.T. (Police and Community Together) began in Ridgeview in October 1990 and has developed into an integral part of every community in the city. Citizens know his or her PACT officer by name, which has cultivated stronger relationships between police and citizens. The success of PACT is indicative of the commitment of the community as well as the police. 

The Patrol Division includes Adam, Baker, Charles, David, Edward, and the Community Services PACTs. Each PACT has a commander, supervisor, and several patrol officers assigned to provide police services with emphasis on problem solving and customer satisfaction.

You may reach a patrol commander by phone at (828) 324-2060.

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