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Project grants available from the Community Relations Council

The City of Hickory Community Relations Council (CRC) is currently seeking projects to fund for the 2023-2024 fiscal year and is inviting qualified groups or individuals to consider submitting grant requests.

“Hickory is one of the most generous cities in North Carolina. The Community Relations Council is honored to hold the privilege of supporting the organizations that give back to the community. It's a special year of granting awards as it is our 60th year of service to the City of Hickory,” said LaKeisha Ross-Johnson, chair of the CRC. “I encourage local organizations to get information to see if they are eligible for funds, ask questions, and get the resources they need to expand or sustain the great work they are doing with and for our citizens to continue bringing us together as one large community of togetherness.” 

Non-profit agencies, churches, institutions, schools, and individuals are invited to submit their programs for consideration. The grant application should be completed in full, approved by the director of the agency, and submitted to the CRC, care of the address on the application. Applications are reviewed twice a year. The deadline for submitting for the Spring 2024 grant cycle is Thursday, Feb. 29, at noon. Applicants may include any 501(c)(3) or otherwise tax-exempt organizations.

Priority will, generally, be given to projects that are designed to deliver the greatest impact on positive human relations, that are most effective in bringing different sub-communities of Hickory together, and that provide services and resources to the people who can most benefit. Agencies are encouraged to partner with each other to avoid duplication of services and to maximize efficiency in delivering needed services. Detailed grant guidelines will be mailed with the application form.  

Funds from the CRC are provided by the City of Hickory and may not be used to pay salaries or to construct buildings, and will not be used to promote a particular political or religious point of view. Funds may be used for contracts for services and/or specific honoraria.  

A report on the use of the funds is required from recipient groups. This may include an invitation to present at a CRC monthly meeting. The CRC reserves the right to request an audit of funds allocated to ensure proper use. Projects may be funded partially or in full; however, priority will be given to projects for which matching funds are available.

Agencies receiving grant funding are asked to acknowledge the grant from the City of Hickory CRC in their publicity materials. A City of Hickory logo and a CRC logo will be provided for inclusion on all promotional materials.  

Applicants are asked to submit 16 copies of the grant request.  

Grant application forms are available online at, or by contacting staff liaison Captain Philip Demas with the Hickory Police Department at 828-261-2608 or