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Life Well Crafted Brand and Partnerships Information

Hickory's branding message is "Life. Well Crafted." Hickory is a City that is well crafted in many ways. 


Precision          Creativity          Strength          Natural          Beauty          Depth          Resourceful          Resilient          Flexible          Ingrain          Shape          Detail         

Hard work          Passion          Tradition          Promise          Demonstrate          Craftsmanship          Skill          Technique          Care          Spirit          Collaborate

Pass Down          Partner          Joint          Art         Concentration           Lovely          Solid          Artistry          Quality          Inspiring


Craftsmanship - it's more than a way of doing something. It's a way of seeing, being and creating anew. Hickory, North Carolina, has a history of craftsmanship- a long tradition of making something of itself and the world around it. Attention to detail, pride in precision, doing a thing well, dedication to a craft and knowledge of natural resources are all strengths ingrained in Hickory. They're all part of a past that serves and shapes its future. Hickory's past and future prospects have drawn to this place a people with an eye for detail and a hand for hard work, a passion for making something of themselves and of the future. From furniture capitol to fiber optic center, natural wonder to fine arts splendor, recreational heaven to entertainment haven, small town values to big city drive, the people of Hickory have crafted a living and a life that's rich both in tradition and promise. They've made Hickory more than a wonderful place at an advantageous location. They've made a living and a life here.


Here is where you can find information about our brand, "Life. Well Crafted." and our branding partnership details and application for branding partnership requests.


Hickory’s Life. Well Crafted. Branding Book  Hickory Branding Presentation