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Permit Center

The Permit Center coordinates the approval of new construction and development projects, as well as, the occupancy of existing buildings. The Permit Center also includes the City's Zoning Enforcement staff, which investigate violations and enforce the City's Land Development Code. Zoning Enforcement staff also conduct footing and final inspections of new construction, as well as, on-site inspections of new businesses.

The Permit Center is located on the second floor of the Julian G. Whitener Municipal Building. Staff will assist you in filling out the required applications, and will ensure that all necessary plans and specifications are included with the applications. In addition, Permit Center staff can help direct you to the appropriate person if you have technical questions they cannot answer. It should be noted that Catawba County enforces the State of North Carolina Building Code within Hickory's jurisdiction. Building code questions should be directed toward Catawba County Building Services, who can be reached at (828) 465-8399.

The Permit Center is committed to providing superior customer service, so don't hesitate to call. The telephone number is (828) 323-7410.

Additional Information:

Single Family and Duplex Construction
Accessory Structure Regulations
New Commercial Development
Occupancy of Existing Buildings
Landscape Requirements
Sign Permit Information
Temporary Signs and Banners
Animal Keeping Regulations
Food Truck Information
Zoning Districts and Setbacks
Race/Walk/Cycle Special Events

Forms and Applications:

Residential Zoning Application
Unified Commercial Application
Erosion Control Affidavit
Permanent Sign Application
Temporary Sign (12 Weeks) Application
Temporary Sign (1 Year) Application
Special Event Application - Private Property
Special Event Application - Public Property
Special Events - Road Closure Permit Application
Special Event Application - Road Race Events
Special Event Application - Road Race Maps