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Run/Walk/Cycle Special Events

Run, Walk, Cycle

Guide for Run/Walk/Cycle Special Events on public roads


When to hold an event

  • Due to the manpower, and additional city resources, no more than two events (that includes runs, walks, cycle events) can occur per month on public roadways and the two events cannot be on the same day.
  • Organizers must use one of the approved City of Hickory/NCDOT routes (six 5k routes, one 10k route, a half marathon and the cycle routes).

Minimum Participants

  • There must be at least 100 participants in order to block the roadways for event.
  • If there are not at least 100 participants, the event will not be allowed the next year on the roadways.

Maximum Participants

  • If event planners expect the participation to be more than 2,000, the route needs to be discussed with the City of Hickory Special Events Team prior to submitting a Special Events Application.
  • If the 2,000 participants occurs and is unexpected, contact Hickory Police Department Captain Jeff Young as soon as this information is known and at least 10 days prior to the event. Capt. Young can be reached at or by calling (828) 324-2060.  

Time Allotted for events

  • 5K: Roads can be blocked off no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes). That is a 23.4 per minute mile pace.
  • 10K: Roads can be blocked off no more than 2 hours and 2 minutes (122 minutes). That is a 20 per minute mile pace.
  • Half Marathon: Roads can be blocked off no more than 4 hours (240 minutes). That is an 18.32 per minute mile pace.
  • Bike Rides 10 miles or 32 miles – No more than 4 hours if all begin on same day/time (240 minutes).

Marking Routes

  • Do not use any type of paint, chalk on roadways or sidewalks or any pavement.
  • The routes need to be marked with temporary signs stuck in the ground.

Volunteers and other important planning items

  • Liability insurance to cover any accidents from participants or volunteers must be included with application.
  • Submit Volunteer Plan with the Special Events Application.
  • Volunteers that help participants navigate the courses, should understand traffic laws, and other important rules.
  • The Hickory Police Department Supervisor over the route can meet with the Special Event Chair or Volunteer Chair before submitting form if needed.
  • There must be a plan to pick up participants that are unable to finish the event.
  • Event parking is also important and applicants must have a parking plan for participants and volunteers.
  • Events starting and finishing on public property require a certificate of insurance naming the City of Hickory as an additional insured.



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