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Welcome to the City of Hickory Engineering Division, a division of the Hickory Public Services Department

Engineering offices are located on the second floor of City Hall, 76 North Center Street, Hickory, N.C. Engineering staff is more than happy to answer your questions and provide any information we can as related to the City's Engineering functions and services.

Mission Statement

The mission of the division is to be a source of information and assistance as well as provide efficient, centralized, and cost effective municipal engineering and technical services to citizens and businesses, as well as other divisions and departments of the City of Hickory.

Basic Engineering Services

The Engineering Division provides information, recommendations, and services to construct, preserve and improve the City's infrastructure. Engineering staff is available to answer questions concerning professional engineering and surveying for municipal projects, storm water, transportation planning, street paving petitions, curb and gutter petitions, sidewalk petitions, official City maps, thoroughfare maps, verification of addresses, and issuance of driveway permits. 

Manual of Practice
​To view the Complete Manual of Practice information, please click here.

Manual by Section: 
100 - Erosion/Sedimentation Control 
200 - Drainage 
300 - Streets
400 - Curb & Gutter, Sidewalks & Driveways 
500 - Water Systems 
600 - Sewer System
700 - Landscaping
800 - Solid Waste

City of Hickory Equipment Turning Radius (CAD .dwg file)

A fee schedule is available, which outlines fees associated with the Engineering Division functions.

Primary functions of the Engineering Division, please click here.
For information about Hickory's Storm Water Program, please click here.
Right of Way Encroachment Agreement - City Maintained Streets - please click here.