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Hickory Trail Updates - January 2023

The Hickory Trail is an economic catalyst that showcases the diverse landscapes of our community and connects destinations across the city. From the Trail, Hickory residents and visitors will have access to some of Hickory’s greatest assets – a beautiful lake, vibrant downtown, educational centers, sporting and entertainment venues, and the airport. An interactive map and additional information about the Hickory Trail is available online at

All segments of the Hickory Trail will either be complete or under construction by the end of this year. Below are updates for the different sections of the Trail:

City Walk
The Hickory community celebrated the grand opening of the City Walk on December 16, 2021, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and sunset dedication of the N.C. 127 pedestrian bridge as the Rudy Wright Bridge in honor of late Hickory Mayor Glenn Rudolph “Rudy” Wright, Jr. Learn more.

Great progress is being made on the Riverwalk along Lake Hickory. The on-land portion is complete and people can now enjoy excellent views of the lake from the trail. Contractors continue to work on the second phase of the project, which includes the overwater bridge, an entrance from Old Lenoir Road, parking and access to the trail system, landscaping, electrical work, and fencing. The entire Riverwalk project is expected to be completed this spring. Learn more.

Aviation Walk
The Aviation Walk is approximately 45 percent complete. The section in front of L.P. Frans Stadium (Hickory Crawdads) is complete and contractors are working in multiple locations with different sections in varying levels of completion. The steel structure for the new Aviation Walk pedestrian bridge over U.S. 321 was set on January 14-15, 2023. Remaining work includes pouring concrete for the trail and utilities. The estimated completion date for the Aviation Walk is late fall 2023. Learn more

Historic Ridgeview Walk
The Historic Ridgeview Walk project should be out to bid this spring. This project includes improvements to the intersection at U.S. 70 with enhanced pedestrian crossing to the Walmart Neighborhood Market. The pedestrian crossing enhancements will include at-grade, high visibility crosswalks with pedestrian signals. This project was approved by the NCDOT and is made possible by funding from the NCDOT. Once started, construction of the Historic Ridgeview Walk will take approximately 18 months. Learn more.

OLLE Art Walk
The City expects to bid the OLLE Art Walk project this summer. Construction of this section will take approximately 24 months. Learn more.

With more segments of the Hickory Trail taking shape this year, the City of Hickory is excited to participate in North Carolina’s “Year of the Trail,” a statewide initiative designed to showcase, promote, and celebrate trails, greenways, and blueways in “the Great Trails State” throughout 2023. The chosen year is significant, as 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1973 North Carolina Trails System Act, which created the state’s Trails Program. For more information about Year of the Trail, including upcoming trail events across the state, visit